"This is a wonderful debut novel... The story was sad, funny, romantic, emotional and has a wonderful ending. I recommend this book for teens and the young at heart. Great job, Alex." 5/5
(Melissa Burmester, Books R Us)

NB Melissa gave the novel 5/5 on Amazon.

"Calling For Angels is an emotional rollercoaster...There are some laugh out loud funny bits, as well as places that made me cry, they were so real." 4.5/5 (Michelle, Clover Hill Book Reviews)

"This book was a breath of fresh air... I think it's a brilliant young adult debut. I read this story in one sitting and I loved it." 4/5
(Val Ruiz, Truth Be Told)

"I think Ms. Smith is very, very talented ....Calling For Angels is a cute story, one that highlights universal experiences with love and loss, and one that is written with a surprising maturity given the young age of its author. Ms. Smith clearly has an extraordinary capacity for storytelling."
(Jenny, Supernatural Snark)